Massage Services

Massage Session

Duration varies • 38.00+

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Relaxation, or Sports Massage session with Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Starting at $38/ 30 minutes

Orthopedic Massage

Duration varies • 38.00+

Sessions tailored to individuals of any age experiencing pain due to a condition, disorder, dysfunction or injury. Focus is on increasing mobility and function. Starts at 38.00/30  minutes.

Chair Massage

Duration varies • 1.25+/ minute

Clothed massage focusing on upper body and hips, in a specially designed chair. Prices start at $1.25/minute in office, up to $2.50/minute for offsite (Wellness Fairs or Sporting/ Corporate Wellness events). Special rates for groups of 8 or more.

Massage Service Add-ons

Hot Stone Massage

Duration varies • 15.00

Upgrade to a Massage session. Heated or cool stones are used to alter blood flow, warm tissues, or cool down inflammation and pain.


Duration varies • 5.00

An up-graded option to a Massage, Energywork, Bodywork or cupping session

Massage Cupping

Duration varies • 10.00

Other Services

Allergy Relief Therapy

30 minutes • 52.00+

A combination of topical applications and manual techniques used to decongest the sinuses and alleviate pressure from headaches or swollen lymph nodes related to seasonal allergies or other ailments. Specific to the head, neck, chest and upper back. Available in 30 or 45 minute sessions

Post-Surgery lymphatic drainage

Duration varies • 75.00+

Shamanic Reading by Stephanie 

1 hour • 95.00


1 hour • 75.00+


1 hour • 75.00+ Reiki, Shiatsu & Reflexology.

Partner Stretching

Duration and price vary

Yoga with Dani

1 hour • 65.00

One hour private yoga sessions with Dani Glassman, MCSW, LMT, RYT. Whether you’re a newbie or a lifelong yogi, you can work with Dani one-on-one to build a foundation or strengthen your practice. Available Mondays and Thursdays only. Also available: 30 minute and small group (3 to 4 max.) sessions 

Yoga with Julie

Price varies

45- to 90-minute private yoga sessions with Julie Bergfeld, E-RYT – 500. Julie’s passion is working with individuals to address their unique needs, specifically those with injuries and mobility challenges.  Available Saturdays. Also available: small group (3 to 4 max.) sessions 

Self Care Consulting

15 minutes • 20.00+

Need advisement on stretching, exercising, meditation, or how to use warm/cold application for injury or pain? Wondering which topical pain relief products are best for your particular ailments? Or how to self- massage pain away, use essential oils, or select a supportive pillow? We can help!

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